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Jemez Cleaning Service Jemezphere LogoJemez Cleaning Service

Need a Jemez Cleaning Service and live in the Jemez area. Need to make your floors sparkle?  Are you tired of looking at the dust collecting on your shelves?  Well give Jemezphere a call for your cleaning service in the Jemez.  Jemezphere has been in the Jemez area for over 12 years and continues to out perform any other cleaning service in the Jemez.  Jemezphere prides itself in perfection and can even be a little obsessive in the remove of dust and grime.  You get the best Jemez Cleaning Service for the area without having to pay travel fees or be charged for an entire day like an out of the area cleaning service. No one compares to the quality and obsessive perfection that Shelly (the owner) demands.
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Removing Sticky Tape Residue


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Cleaning Tape

Cleaning Tape

How To Remove Tape Residue From Your Surface

Have Tape Residue to clean up? Don't you just hate when you have taped up your window on your car or peeled the tape from a wood surface to find that ugly sticky tape residue left behind. Then after you attempt to clean it up it still feels sticky and collects dirt to leave a black mark where the tape once was. Well here is a simple little trick to help you get over the sticky residue left behind by tape or adhesives. Read the rest of this entry »

Work Smarter, Not harder!


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FreeDigitalPhotos.netKeeping your house clean and sanitary is easy to do. With a modest amount of work you can have a beautiful functional home.
If you want a clean organized home, work smarter, not harder. The one rule to follow is; everyone should do the mundane act of putting it back after it is used.
I try hard to practice this one rule but, sometimes I fail at it. Big mistake! So, when I can not stand the mess any longer, I find that if I make individual piles of stuff and put it back, I can quickly and efficiently get the chaos tamed. Read the rest of this entry »

Floor Cleaning 101


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Dirty Mops

Dirty Mops

There it is, slop on the floor!  You may be tempted to get the bucket and mop out and smear that mess, thin it out and distribute it all over your floor. Wait there is an other way! You can get that mess and a few more while you are at it.

Get some Whip It in your spray bottle, this is the cleaning solution, a clean sponge and a small bucket of water.  I don't recommend using hot water if you use Mop 'n Glo. as you will spoil the shine with water ring discoloration from putting the bucket on  the floor. Take a polish cloth, also, use it to polish the dishwasher, trash compactor, oven door and refrigerator.  Stuck on spill? Bring an old credit card, to scrape it off. Read the rest of this entry »



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You may have noticed that I have added CLASSIFIED AD's to the blog.  This feature was put here to give you a space to advertize absolutely free!

Please be my guest.  Post as many ads as you want.  I only ask that you advertize your stuff in a "nice" way.  I will delete anything that may be  seen as pornographic, unwholesome or hateful.  Please check your content for typo's or spelling errors.


Wax Stains


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Candle Wax by Janaka Dharmasena

Candle Wax by Janaka Dharmasena

What can you do to clean up spilled candle wax on to your Carpet or upholstery?  The wax has hardened and penetrated the fibers.

Gather together; paper towels and or brown paper grocery bags, a spoon, vacuum and a hot Iron.

First scrape off as much wax as possible. You can use a spoon as it has no Sharp blade to cut the material. Then get three or four sheets of paper towels or a brown  paper grocery bag, place, at least two pieces of the paper over the wax, place the hot iron on the paper rub it around the top of the paper. The heat will transfer the wax to the paper, adjust the paper to a clean spot and reapply the heat. This process won't take very long. After the paper absorbs the all of the wax, get a fresh paper and do it again. Be careful not to leave the Iron on the spot too long as the iron will get the wax on it, then giving you another job to do, and may melt the fibers. I have used this method to remove wax on Leather.
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Whip-it Cleaner for Spot Removal


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Whenever you’re looking for a healthy, and hard working cleaner- turn to whip it cleaner! When you use whip-it spot cleaner to help clean up any household messes, you will be amazed at its ability to power through even the hardest stains. Whip-it stain cleaner ingredients are all natural, because of this your cleaned surfaces are left without a toxic residue or chemical scent. Have you ever wondered how to restore old hardwood floors? With whip-it cleaner, the days of asking how to clean restore finish hardwood floors is a thing of the past! Not only does whip-it restore woods but its also an earth friendly carpet cleaner!.

How to Clean Dust?


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Clean Dust with a Paintbrush

Clean Dust with a Paintbrush

Clean Dust:

Clean dust from our homes since eliminating dust can help us with asthma, allergies or to control dust mites. Dust can be cleaned from all surfaces using the best and easiest ways by following the tips in this article.

How to Remove Dust From The House And Furniture

Have you ever found that you can't clean dust tiny crevices in your furniture or picture frames very easily?

Well there is a way to get in those spaces!  Try using a cheap disposable paintbrush.  My favorite one is the kind you can use for applying Latex Paint, because the fibers are soft and clean dust in tight spaces. You can buy them for a dollar or less depending on where you go to purchase them. You don't have to clean them after you use them, just throw it away when they get dirty or they become frazzled.
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Welcome To Jemezphere


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From time to time we all need a little help.

Jemezphere  has  been developed as a one stop website dedicated to assist you in maintaining your home and property.
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Whip It!


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Amazing Earth Friendly Miracle Cleaner!

The amazing whip it

  • Over 500 different uses!!
  • Outperforms popular OXYGEN Cleaners
  • Earth, Family & Pet Safe Formula
  • Fighting Stains Since 1931 - Made In The USA
  • Miracle Cleaner
  • Earth Friendly Miracle Cleaner

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